If you play a concert in Nigeria -- promoters don't pay you as agreed upon... UNLESS you bring a gang that's bigger than theirs.

Sounds violent? Sounds crazy? Gang warfare is a normal part of growing up in Nigeria.

One night, guitarist Dokun Oke was walking home from a gig and stumbled unto a gang. They threatened him and said "Play some guitar and dance or else."

He tried to explain that he couldn't play his electric guitar without an amp. It wouldn't be loud enough.


One of the thugs punched him in the face
and knocked him down. And then
they stole his only guitar.

Dokun was forced to go home empty handed and request some help from some friends. Fortunately, they went back later that night to retrieve his guitar.

Another normal part of living in Nigeria is extreme poverty. Millions of people live in metal shacks and sleep on the dirt.

Dokun's father would sleep outside to protect his family from thieves and attackers.

Inside Dokun's "house", 10 people would cram together and sleep in the same room. Most of them on the cold floor.

However, Dokun had a dream... And he found a WAY OUT using his phenomenal guitar skills.

6 years ago -- Dokun moved to the USA armed only with $500, a work visa and his favorite guitar.

Next thing you know he's opening up for Jane's Addiction, String Cheese Incident, Herbie Hancock, and James Brown.

Since then, he's wowed crowds at the Nobel Peace Prize Awards in Norway, the Playboy Jazz Festival, and the biggest jazz festival in Europe...

And here's the most amazing part:

He was able to make enough money
with his guitar that he could
feed his family and friends
back home in Nigeria.

And every single penny he's made in the USA has come from his guitar playing! How cool is that?

And now Dokun wants to help you become a better guitarist.


He wants to rocket you past the "drab dreary daily grind" you might be feeling with your guitar playing (and if you're already feeling inspired -- he's going to take it to the next level).

From one guitarist to another, let me tell you -- I KNOW first hand what it's like to be in a "guitar rut".

We all go through cycles in our learning. First, in the very beginning, it's struggle just to make your fingers do what you want.

Then it gets EXCITING... You actually start sounding good. Maybe you learn some basic licks or basic scales.

But then, boom... you hit a wall. You're not really improving. Everything sounds the same. It starts becoming bland and boring.

Well, if you've been on the same "lead guitar plateau" for a while and want to jump to a whole new level AND recapture the excitement that comes with fast improvement... then today is your lucky day.

Here's why: Dokun is going to blow open your mind and your playing skills with his new DVD series called: "Smooth Solo Secrets".

It's going to give you
a whole new approach
to building sweet leads and solos.

I'll tell you straight up -- a lot of it has to do with understanding "modes".

Maybe you've heard of modes, maybe you know a little bit about them, maybe you were confused by them in the past... Maybe you think it's a fashion trend from France.

But you see, the key with modes is NOT to learn a bunch of scale patterns. It's all about how to invoke the various moods, sounds, colors, and flavors that are hidden within the fretboard.

If you're still stuck in the pentatonic scale, then this course is like going to the 12th dimension. But don't worry because you're NOT gonna be overwhelmed.

In fact, the best part of this course is Dokun's systematic approach.

You'll learn one thing at a time -- one SOUND at a time, so your learning will be completely organized and you'll be able to pack new sounds into your arsenal, one after the other.

But before getting into modes, Dokun also gives you some rapid-fire ways to beef up your chops.

Here's A Whopping Dose Of Truth Serum...

If you want to become a great guitarist FAST -- you need to drill your ass off... INTELLIGENTLY.

There's 3 types of guitarists out there:

1. The ones that don't practice (and never become great and live a life of regret).

2. The ones that practice HARD but not smart (and complain that you need to practice 8 hours a day).

3. The ones that practice HARD & SMART and become amazing players in record time.

This product is for guitarists in category #3.

I tell all the lazy guitarists who don't believe in practicing, they should leave this webpage and go find some 4 leaf clovers and sprinkle them on their omelettes. Maybe they'll just build chops "magically". LMAO...

The first part of this amazing teaching curriculum is some SERIOUS CHOP BUILDERS.

Just like the top athletes in the world,
you need to do the right kind of exercises.
Otherwise, you're just spinning your wheels.

Here's some of the wicked power drills you're going to own:

  • Learn killer finger exercises to get your chops up to speed in record-breaking time (5:03) (Including 2 wild ways to go beyond boring finger exercises at 11:09).

  • Mindblowing 2-note per string patterns that auto-magically build dexterity if you do them. You'll be flying all over the fretboard like a greasy weasel running in a french fry factory. 14:35

  • Discover new pro-level exercises to help you establish scale mastery and picking fluidity. This is the kind of stuff that's going to make or break you as a lead guitarist. 20:32

  • Master your hand... Learn Dokun's insider tricks to train your fingers to listen to you and do exactly what you want like a well trained pet :) VERY powerful. 25:05

  • Only amateurs lead guitarists think: "It's always about going up and down scales". Dokun breaks the mold with unusual exercises that will prepare your fingers for real-world musical situations. This is the secrets he uses when he plays at the top jazz festivals. 28:08

  • MEGA SECRET ALERT: In fact, this is one of the biggest "pro-sound" secrets ever. In fact, you can create epic sounding leads using this method. 36:29

Now let's go DEEP into the fuuuuun stuff...
How To Make Moving Music
By Manifesting Modal Magic

Before diving into the modes, Dokun shows you how to use pentatonics.

Think there's just the "minor" and "major" pentatonics? THINK AGAIN! :-) Here's how to create various vibes and flavors over the same breaking track 37:03

Now, lets jump into the juicy inside of DVD #2:

Dokun examines all 7 modes with you, and together you'll investigate all the sounds one by one. He reveals some never-before-seen perspectives that shocked the crap out of me.

Become a WORLD-CLASS GUITAR CHEF... Learn how to listen to different chords and layer gorgeous colors and intense flavors with each degree of the scale.

Discover how to use the
3 types of notes and "spices":

1. Some notes feel like home,

2. Some notes feel tense or shakey,

3. Some notes feel "half home" or like "something is about to happen."

Develop "pro ears" by listening to each note in relations to the chord. This stuff is critical and gives you that amazing edge. 5:51

But that's just the foundation -- next you'll see what happens when you start combining notes into licks and using them over various chords and progressions.

BOOM CHAKALAKA! You've got modal magic!

  • How to fuse phrygian together with dorian to create some incredible combos. It's like a sonic 1-2 knockout combination 8:35

  • Create hot exotic sounds and smooth groovy moods 15:38

  • Go wild by playing rootless chords and creating killer backing tracks to solo 21:07

  • STOP! Don't be "the guy" that just craps all over the crowd by playing a million meaningless notes. Instead learn the secrets to smooth soloing. Yes, you'll learn to play lots of notes and still not overplay 22:43

  • How to fit in pentatonics smoothly. 24:39

  • Sonic meltdowns... discover how to use the min7b5 arpeggio to create a totally "far out" tonal effect 25:50.

  • Want to create a very sophisticated bluesy-jazzy sound instantly? Learn how at 30:22. This was one of Steely Dan's secrets.

  • Fusion masters unite -- by combining the G minor pentatonic over Cmin7. 31:50

  • Create mindblowing riffs, songs and leads by using the freshest triads with the unorthodox chords. Each has a special and interesting sound. 33:36.

  • NO MORE ZZZZZZZs... Learn an invigorating way to practice and "never be bored" 38:02

And wait -- we're just getting warmed up. Because on DVD #3 you're going to learn so much stuff that it would take 10 more pages of bullets to describe it all.

And I value your time -- I know you don't have all day to listen to me rave about all the cool modal magic that's in this course.

So if you're still reading this far... then you know you want these DVDs. So just go hit the link below and we'll ship your order today.

This is exactly what you've been looking for to put a new level of slick, silky smoothness to your solos. YEAH BABY! YEAH!

Is Smooth Solo Secrets
The Right Course For You?

Well, if you like to play lead guitar, then... Absolutely!

Probably we've never met, but from one guitarist to another, I can tell you that this course is great if you want to skyrocket your lead playing or just polish up your sound.

It will inspire you.

It will help you break out of that rut and give you a whole new direction for your playing.

Really, anyone who's been playing more than a few months, and wants to improve their soloing should get a copy of this course.

With Powertabs, Learning
Has Never Been Easier.

You're not just getting 3 jam-packed DVDs. You're also getting tabs showing you all the examples and exercises... Everything is written out note for note, both in PDF format, and also in Powertab format so you can watch the notes go by on your computer, and each one is highlighted as its playing.

If you've never experienced this before, it's incredible. No more trying to "figure out" the rhythm of the tabs. You see it, you hear it, and you learn it -- FAST.

These DVDs will help build some serious chops and more importantly, get some smooth, slick, pro soloing sounds under your fingers. Even if you just learn 25% of it, you'll take your playing up several notches.

My mission is simple: Help you have fun while learning incredible guitar skills as quickly and as easily as possible.

That's the reason I get up every day... That's why I filmed Dokun and helped him create this course... And that's why I want to send you these amazing DVDs with tabs right now!

Order with Confidence:
You Get Our Generous
365-Day Guarantee.

If you haven't hear about return policy yet, it's one of the best in the biz. A full 12 month, unconditional 100% money-back guarantee on all DVD courses.

If this DVD series doesn't blow you away, or if its just not for you (for whatever reason), I insist that you ask me for a full refund.

No B.S, no run-around, and no hassles.

DVDs are a great way to learn... And I'm proud to report that many established musicians have told me that our DVDs are a cut above most everything else that is out there.

This groundbreaking course with Dokun is no exception. And just to demonstrate the amazing value you're getting, look how much you're saving over the cost of private lessons:

It cost thousands to produce this course. And it would cost you thousands to learn the same thing in private lessons.

Even most premium guitar DVDs are $40 bucks a pop or more, each... And You're getting 3 jam-packed DVDs with tabs.

But I'm not asking $150 , $120, or even $100.

Your low price today is just $97 $69 and that includes FREE SHIPPING.

But you must order now to take advantage of our special "launch price".

So go ahead... Click to the next page, fill out your information, and I'll rush your order right to your door, anywhere in the world.

If you love lead guitar like I do, it's a no-brainer move that will give you new guitar skills that you'll use all your life.

Click the link below right now to order:

Keep Playing,

Claude Johnson
Your Friendly Guitar Instructor

P.S. As always, your purchase is a risk-free , fun guitar adventure, backed by our 365 day money-back guarantee. So grab this sizzling course now while it's fresh in your mind!

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